About Us

Our Mission

The Muay Thai Institute & Fitness Center is the most complete Thai kickboxing facility in Utah. We have a well rounded training program, personalized nutritional counseling, dedicated certified personal trainers, free weights, yoga & cardio & self defense classes and programs for the whole family. Muay Thai Institute promotes self-mastery, creation of community and a dedication to the true art of Muay Thai.

Our Story

Sometimes, life takes you by surprise. This is what happened to me when I walked into the Muay Thai Institute last July. I thought I would be learning more about how to box, hopefully lose a few pounds, and tone up a bit. A good goal for anyone, right? What I gained was much more than that. I was introduced to a new world filled with fast moves and quick thinking. The exercises were both mentally and physically challenging. Over time I became empowered and began a journey to self-mastery.

I gained respect for my instructors, Craig Lamanna and Jim McShurley, as they patiently taught me the art of Muay Thai. You have to really love someone that allows you to punch and kick them! At one point, I was in the ring doing pad work, and having an unusually difficult work out. I indicated to Craig that I was getting too exhausted to keep going.  He suggested that I go one more round, which I reluctantly did. When the three minute bell rang, I raised my arms in triumph, but Craig suggested that I go ahead and do five more kicks to my opponent on each side. I dug down deep and completed the kicks. Then Craig sat down with me and said, “Baby, remember, you always have five more kicks.”

The ensuing conversation was not only about self-defense, but about the lessons that come from pushing yourself to the edge and coming out on the other side. Success is defined as self-mastery and this builds self-confidence.  Muay Thai boxing is more than kicks, punches and clinches. The art is about learning to trust and defend yourself, dig deep and keep going- even when you’re exhausted.

I am 56 years old, and in the past four years I have lost 120 pounds. I have had many experiences in my life. Experiences marked with both loss and success. Learning to Thai box is one of my proudest accomplishments and has given me the tools to navigate life when loss and challenges present themselves. In fact, I love Thai boxing so much, that I bought the gym.

I know you’ll love it too.

--Karey Law